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General Information

TAPdd started as an idea, in early 2014. The original concept has not changed: To provide a fun, interactive, and safe environment for everyone to enjoy body art!

Social networking/media shifts from area to area, i.e. which platform if the most popular. Not all of these platforms provide allowances for body art, which in some cases can involve nudity, and as such are subject to public scrutiny more easily. TAPdd is here to forge a new niche in social networking, specifically for lovers of body art. Like other social media, TAPdd offers the following features for all:

  • Friends & Followers - Add new people on TAPdd to your Friend List.
  • Privacy - Set your own profile privacy filters.
  • Messaging - Send private messages to your friends on TAPdd.
  • Photo Uploading - Upload photos and create albums for profile photos and to show off your body art.
  • Profiles - Everyone has their own profile page.
  • Cover Photo - Select from several colorful images to decorate your profile with.
  • Likes, Rates & Comments - Like, rate and comment on things you see around TAPdd.
  • Forums - Complete forum support, including integration between many of the "model features".*
  • Blogs - Read and comment on blogs published by TAPdd Models.
  • Fan Clubs - TAPdd Models each have their own Fan Club, by invitation only.
  • Events - Is there some body art-related event happening near you, tell all of TAPdd about it!
  • Status - Tell your friends what you are up to, or how you are feeling.
  • Gifting - Send virtual gifts to your friends on TAPdd.
  • 1-On-1 Chat - While you and your friend(s) are on TAPdd.
  • Chatroom - Public general chatroom for all of TAPdd to use.**
  • Games - TAPdd has several different games to play, including Billionaire!***
*See "Model" tab for more information.
**Chatroom is moderated. Civility is required.
***Billionaire! allows you to post your score on TAPdd and challenge your friends. TAPdd knowledge is the game topic. Other activities on TAPdd are listed under "Fun Activities" below.

Model Features

What is a TAPdd model? While TAPdd is free for everyone to join, some may apply to become a TAPdd model. These elevated members have access to many other features, including tips*. There are no contracts to become a model, but all models are screened, just as if applying for a position for a job. This is required for legal reasons. If you have questions about becoming a model, please direct them to AJ or Neko.

What is so great about being a model for TAPdd? Many websites that involve "tips", usually require those involved to do a lot for very little, but not here. By keeping certain costs down and doing more work in-house, TAPdd does not require heavy maintenance expenses. VIP packages offer extended priviledges and credits** for members to spend on things like: virtual gifts, or the Mega Star List. Virtual gifts come in varying amounts, but a spot in the Mega Star List is always 25 credits. Virtual gifts are worth half of their credit value, rounded down, i.e If the cost is nine credits, models would get four, with models receiving full value for Mega Star List spots. Here are more model features:

  • Tips - Convert credits into cash.
  • Fan Club - Each model has their own Fan Club and they control access to it by invitation only.***
  • Feature Integration - Each fan club comes with a forum and photo gallery.
  • Mega Star List - Featured at the top of the Dashboard, spots on this list last for 30 days.
  • Events - Create event postings complete with: forum topic and photo gallery.
  • Blogs - Only TAPdd models may create new blog entries, which may be rated and commented on by all.
  • Private Folders - Photos are more risque than public TAPdd allows, put them here and control access.
  • Photo Badge - Create a custom folder, upload photos, copy badge code and paste to HTML anywhere on the WWW.
  • Favorite Gifts - Models are able to add a favorite gift that will show on their profile photo.
  • Custom Ads - Work with AJ and/or Neko to have your own ad placed on TAPdd.
  • More features added often.

*Because tips involve receiving money, you must provide documentation that verifies who you are, for example: photo ID, current address and payment proccessing.
**VIP packages may contain: TAPdd merchandise (hats, mouse pads, pens, etc), VIP privileges allow access to a few more TAPdd features for a determined amount of time, i.e. VIP for 30 days, 60 days, etc. These features include things like: ability to upload custom profile header, contact models and vixens directly, create topics in Fan Club forums, add favorite gifts to profile photos, add profile Tags, and add Polls to TAPdd newsfeed. VIPs also receive a special label on their name.
***Models administer their own Fan Club, including: who has access (models must invite and uninvite members to their fan club), upload photos to the gallery, create and maintain forum and event posts.

Fun Activities

  • Games - Several Flash games designed to amuse.
  • P.i.C. - Partners in Crime, or P.i.C. are your "favorite friends".
  • Pokes - Various fun and/or annoying things to do to other TAPdd members, i.e. Poke, Hug, etc.
  • Corruption Levels - As you collect gifts, your corruption level increase. How far will you go?
  • Ranks & Busy Beavers - Earn points towards ranks for various activity across TAPdd. Can you become a Busy Beaver?
  • Profile Ratings - TAPdd members rate each profiles, Top Users have the highest ratings.
  • Blog Ratings - TAPdd members rate blog posts. Top Blogs have the highest ratings.
  • More features added and/or improved periodically.



We are working on building TAPdd's member base.